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Ask, by Ryan Levesque (Audible Version)

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This is the new way to conduct business online, survey funnels — and they’re really cool.


Quick Intro


This book is 160 pages paperback and six hours 13 minutes audible.

It is described on Amazon as follows,

“You’ll discover how Ryan Levesque developed his proven system for creating survey-based, customized sales funnels. And you’ll also learn how you can implement the same system in your own business – no matter your market. The Ask Formula blueprint is laid out in clear and detailed steps for anyone to use and adapt.

Whether you’re an aspiring Internet entrepreneur, advanced online marketer, or established business owner, this book will both inspire you and show you how to skyrocket your online income – while creating a mass of raving fans in the process – simply by asking the right questions in a surprisingly different way. For people looking to scale up their business, Ask will utterly transform how you think about consumer behavior and selling online.”

So, what are three things we can use from this book?


3 Things You Can Use


1. Why Ask?

Surveys… The boring waste of time nightmare of every person on the earth. Why would we want to use a system that is based and founded in this nightmare.

Well Ryan Levesque gives us two main reasons.

One, to ask intentionally designed questions to help you figure out exactly what your customer wants. Not in the sense that the famous Henry Ford quote came from, “If I had asked the people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.” But using a process of open ended questions and process of elimination.


Two, to extract the exact language that the customer uses — and use that language back to them in your sales copy. Build rapport and become a friend if you use the language that they customers are thinking. What you may be calling, front bumper shocks, your customers may be calling, little crash stopper springs.


2. Survey Psychology

Here are a few different tips to use to get the most out of your surveys:

  • Prioritize Questions and order accordingly.

From the beginning of the survey, to the end of the survey, people are naturally going to drop off. Slide your most important question in at the beginning.

  • Micro-Commitment, the small step that commits the person to the survey

After your important question, use an easy A or B multiple choice question that doesn’t take much thought to answer. Ryan Levesque calls this a low-threshold question and can be are you a man or a woman — but you should still try to have it be useful to you.

  • Primacy and Recency Effects — eliminating bias

It has been shown that people will most likely pick the first or last answer in a multiple choice questionnaire because of the effects of being primed to the answer or having the answer being the most recent. Structure your questions to list only two answers to eliminate that bias.

  • Hyper-Responders

At the end, have the option for them to leave contact information. Those who do should be labeled as more engaged customers and should be marketed to first.


3. Tools

Lastly, Ryan Levesque lists a few online tech options to help streamline the process.


Starting with, Survey Gizmo, an online software to use that can help you,

-Design your surveys

-Collect and analyze info

-Integrate with website, email funnels and such.

Or for the free option, you can use Google Forms, which has similar features but less in total.


His survey funnel software designed to help you with the process, linked up below:

His in-depth course on making survey funnels, also linked up below:

And his mastermind group focused on survey funnels:



Use surveys and ask your customers questions to both get the language that they use and to find out what they want the most for you to provide for them.

Implement some psychology principles to get the most out of the format and the questions in your surveys.

Use tech and software to give yourself a bit of a boost — to save time and analyze and optimize your processes.


I’m not going to give away formula itself obviously, these are all just little miscellaneous tips that were scattered throughout the book. The actual formula is very convincing and he goes through how to both find out what your customers want, get their language, make a sale, upsell and then prime for the next sale all in one fell swoop.

He cites a couple of case studies at the end of the book that I though I would mention:

  1. Tennis training website went from $0 to $250,000 in six months using The Ask Formula
  2. Water Ionizer system seller sold $750,000 of product in five days.

Like I said, real convincing. In the first part of the book he goes through who he is and why he does this — if you just want the tactics you can skip this part but I found it interesting. And in the second part he obviously gets into the actual methodology.

The method requires a bit of work but it’s definitely something that I found interesting and I plan on implementing in my business.

What kind of questions would you ask in your surveys?

If you want to read this book and get the tactics, check it out below.

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Audible Free Trial (get this book for free!)

Ask, by Ryan Levesque (Audible Version)

Ask, by Ryan Levesque (Physical Copy)

(disclosure: ^^^ these links give me a commission — at no extra cost to you! They just give me a little bump if you decide to use them. Thank you!)




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