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Learn how to plan, start, grow and monetize your online brand around content — the new way forward for the entrepreneur.


Quick Intro


This book is 352 pages hardcover and six hours and 50 minutes audible.

It is described on Amazon as follows,

“The proven entrepreneurial model that breaks all the rules

Build your audience first. Then create your product.

This is the simple but profoundly successful entrepreneurial approach of one of today’s most creative business minds.

A pioneer of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi has cracked the code when it comes to the power of content in a world where marketers still hold fast to traditional models that no longer work. In Content Inc., he breaks down the business-startup process into six steps, making it simple for you to visualize, launch, and monetize your own business.”

So, what are three things we can use from this book?


3 Things You Can Use


1. The Template

If seeking optimum performance in the realm of content marketing, you will want to follow this template, that many others such as _, _, and _ have used to grow and scale their businesses. This template is:

  1. Find your niche. Whether that is a passion of yours of something that you are knowledgeable about — find something that you can dedicate yourself to writing content about.
  2. Separate yourself. Do something that the competitors in your niche are not doing. Stand out from your niche crowd.
  3. Develop an audience. Bring in consumers of your content through subscriptions and social media.
  4. Use your audience. Have your audience share your things for your and buy your products. Get engagement and revenue.
  5. Branch out. When you have the bandwidth, utilize multiple channels and social media outlets to spread your message further.
  6. Make money. You are a business — make money!

Follow this template and you will have the best chances for growth and scale-ability and all that those entail.


2. Content Calendar

You can’t content market without content. Here’s how to figure out the infrastructure of your content as well as how to organize and schedule it.

The basic questions to start with:

– Whom are you creating the content for?

– Why are you creating the content?

– What resources do you have at your disposal?

– How can you stand onut?

After your basic questions are answered and you have your premise, start coming up with ideas, scheduling your content and organizing it. Do this with a content calendar.

There are many different content calendar softwares out there, both free and paid — or you could just go the spreadsheet way.

*Exclusively in this Transcription*

(Factors to include on each of your ideas/posts:

  • Date to be published
  • Topic/headline
  • Author
  • Owner
  • Status (being edited, etc…)
  • Related keywords
  • Platform to publish on
  • URL
  • CTA (call to action)
  • Outcome for the audience, after consuming

Do this from the beginning to give yourself an edge and help with your consistency and organization.)


3. Social Media

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just blast your content on every source of social media that you can access, just to spread the word. That kind of stuff can alienate your audience who is looking for something else when they go to your separate social media pages.

To make social media work for you, you must develop a plan specific and unique to that platform. And the goal of this channel? What is the desired action your audience should take after experiencing this channel? And what is the tone of this channel? How often are you going to be using this channel?

Along with your plan, there are also particular uses of each platform that will make the most out of them. Here are the ways to best use a few of the different social media platforms:

  •  Facebook

Good for building a community and offering access to exclusive content.

  •  Twitter

Official broadcasting tool of the web. Use this platform to tell your story or cover events in your industry.

  •  Linked In

Good for networking and sharing content.

  •  Instagram

Image sharing. Good for giving your audience a glimpse from behind the scenes. Good visual storytelling.

  •  Pinterest

Great photosharing site that you may want to consider if your audience is made up of 18-34 year old women.

  •  Youtube

The biggest video platform with the most potential viewership

  •  Medium

Post and article site for building a community

  • Snapchat

More behind the scenes visual storytelling.



Niche down. Stand out. Gather a following. Utilize your following. Branch out. Make money.

Structure your content ideas with the basics of, who, why, what and how — and then schedule and organize your content for a seamless integration into the world.

Branch out to other platforms in intelligent ways and play to each platform’s specific strengths.


This book has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon for a good reason. It is jam-packed with everything you need to know about content marketing and goes from starting out with nothing to acquiring other companies. It goes through everything that you need to know to be a successful content marketer and includes software, tools and resources at every step. I will be using the principles in this book to become successful — just like so many others before me have.

The book has a website:

And finally, I’ll leave you with this quote from in the book by Michael Stelzner,

“It’s hard work, I’m not going to lie. Anyone who tells you that it’s really easy to build a content business is not telling you the truth. You have to accept the fact that this is going to be grueling, difficult, time-consuming and laborious work. But if you are willing to constantly analyze what you are doing and scrap what doesn’t work and continue what does work — and keep at it — you can be very, very successful.”


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Audible Free Trial (get this book for free!)

Content Inc. (Audible Version)

Content Inc. (Physical Copy)

(disclosure: ^^^ these links give me a commission — at no extra cost to you! They just give me a little bump if you decide to use them. Thank you!)




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