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Gain access to mental triggers, multiple launch strategies and leverage^2 in this amazing internet marketing book for entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes.


Quick Intro


This book is 206 pages paperback and 7 hours 17 minutes audible.

The book is described on Amazon as follows,

“The start of everything is critically important – and every truly successful product or business starts with a successful launch. Unfortunately most entrepreneurs put all their focus into “getting the doors open” without giving much thought to creating a great launch. However, since 1996, Jeff Walker has been obsessed with creating hugely successful launches in our increasingly digital world. During those years Jeff created an unbroken string of amazing successes for himself and his clients. Operating tiny businesses in an almost underground society, they’ve collectively done over $400 million in sales.

Launch is the “how to” manual for using Jeff’s formula to follow a path of success – to create a product or business launch that gives you nearly instant momentum, sales, and positioning.”


So… What are three things we can use from this book?


3 Things You Can Use


1. Mental Triggers

Jeff Walker, the author, notes the importance of influence. Your list of subscribers won’t matter much if none of them like you.

In the book he lays out nine of the 18 factors of influence, which he calls mental triggers:

  1. Authority. People aren’t going to question someone who they perceive has authority. Think white lab coats in a hospital. When’s the last time you questioned the prognosis of a doctor.
  2. Reciprocity. Give and receive. If someone buys you a present, you feel terrible if you don’t get them anything. In the online world it works the same way. Add value to your community and prospects and they will almost certainly return the favor.
  3. Trust. Build trust to gain influence. Trust building can be accomplished by:
    • Being reliable and honest
    • Being a consistent over time
    • Showing vulnerability
  4. Anticipation. Add emotion to waiting and you have anticipation. Get people excited about your launch and they won’t be able to wait for it.
  5. Like-ability. Be kind, generous and honest (and trustworthy) to be more likeable and human, and get more conversions.
  6. Events and Rituals. Think football Sunday. Football is a ritual that a group of people do every Sunday. This is very powerful and habit-forming.
  7. Community. We act in accordance to how we think the people in our community are supposed to act. Build a community and set subtle guidelines for behavior with CTAs (calls to action) to help aim your online community’s behavior.
  8. Scarcity. This is a big one. Value goes up when there is less. Supply and demand. Build scarcity into your launch with a price increase, or something, after the launch period is over.
  9. Social Proof. If we see others do it, we are more likely to do it. Would you go to the restaurant with six cars in the parking lot or the one with one car?


2. Pre-Launch

The pre-launch is how you convince people to buy before they have the chance. It’s how you get the high probability prospects excited and sharing and the low probability prospects over the fence.

To roll out a successful pre-launch it all starts with good content. Think of a content tease, but instead of teasing, you really do provide. Jeff suggests sending out videos throughout your pre-launch that stack different mental triggers and leave your prospects with their mouths watering for your product or service.

Start with a video that provides for your prospect. Have it so after the video, they have something to think about or something to do — or in some way they are better or closer to their desired result. Feel good about giving the good stuff away because you are establishing mental triggers here:

  • Authority. Because you helped them so much you must know what you’re talking about.
  • Anticipation. By learning good stuff now, and being informed that there is more good stuff to come, you can get your prospects excited with anticipation for the next pre-launch video and ultimately the final product or service.
  • Reciprocity. They will want to return the favor because you have helped them in an uncommon way.

Come up with other ways to include the mental triggers in your pre-launch… or read the book and have the rest given to you!

(I can’t tell you them all because that would be unfair to Jeff Walker)


3. JV Launch

The JV or joint venture launch blew me away. I remember listening to the book, notebook open on the shelf and a pen in my hand, when the narrator introduced this chapter. Hmm… sounds interesting I thought. Then Jeff Walker explained the process and I blew back 20 feet, right out the window.

The premise of the joint venture launch is to leverage your “competitor’s” subscriber lists for your own launch.

Test your own little launch, unless you aren’t little, you can still use this if you aren’t little but it’s exponentially more value per capita if you are a little company.

So, test your own launch and get good conversions/sales. Make sure that your launch can be successful and gets good numbers — and then work a deal with a competitor with a big subscriber list that you can give them a commission on all of the sales that you get from members of their list. They will proceed to send a message out to their subscribers promoting you and your product/service and leave a link to your pre-launch/launch page.

When this works, this is like leverage^2. First, you get access to a large list of people that you wouldn’t have the chance to until long long away when you build it yourself. Second, if you work the deal on commissions, you will only be paying them with money that you get from sales — that you wouldn’t have gotten in the first place. With a high-margin information product, you can give a commission of 50-80% with a smile on your face.

There are a few caveats to this, as there are to all great things, but overall this strategy is the definition of leverage and I love it.




Use mental triggers to help solidify your brand and product in the minds and hearts of your prospects.

Run a successful pre-launch using mental triggers and providing value and give your launch metal legs to stand on.

Access leverage^2 when you pull off a successful joint venture launch.


This book is awesome.

He seemed to over-sell the book in the introduction but he really does deliver. He provided anecdotes and examples and gives links to the proof.

I can’t even scratch the surface with all of the material in this book. Not just because most of the strategy names are trade-marked, but mostly because there was so much good stuff in here.

To be honest, the last chapter I thought was unnecessary, where he talked about the reasons to want to be successful and pivoted towards a self-help book. I’m all about self-help – but I get that elsewhere… gimme the business goods!

Apart from that chapter I loved this stuff. Throughout my listening to it I remember thinking that this is as good as it gets, wow. And then the next chapter would introduce me to an even more powerful strategy still. I now see why this book was rated so high!

I leave this book really excited for what I want to do with my business and I know that you will too. Check this book out below!


Also, have you ever launched a product or service? Let us know how you did it and how it went in the comments!


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Launch (Audible Version)

Launch (Physical Copy)

(disclosure: ^^^ these links give me a commission — at no extra cost to you! They just give me a little bump if you decide to use them. Thank you!)




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