After three days of scrubbing the same dish, it finally sank in-

I’m going to be a dad… I can’t be a dad! I need to be wise! I need good habits! I need to set a good example!…

The next day I sat down at the computer and began my self-improvement quest. After three minutes of crowded paragraphs and small font, I leaned back, pinched my nose, and exhaled. This is the worst.

Then, the scenes started playing in my mind- my baby… tattoos, fights, swearing, drinking, smoking, jail time-

I took a deep breath. I blinked. I focused on the screen again and I got back to it.

Alright! I’ll read the books, listen to the podcasts and study the articles. I’ll take the long and drab and I’ll take the empty and sensationalized and I’ll make it understandable and enjoyable. And then, not only will I improve myself- but I’ll post the content and help others too.

Thus became Average Optimized- the way to understand and, more importantly, enjoy becoming a better person.



Average Optimized

The Content

The Crew


I’m an average guy. My name is Luke Garnett and I have a high school degree and some college under my belt. I work as a cook at a small local restaurant. I have a daughter named Madeline and we live together in my home in Lynchburg, VA.

I have a little yellow home office and I like to pretend I’m a business man.

A Cook and A Baby

Average Optimized


A learn-out-loud blog that makes it easy for people to improve their lives, personally and financially, with humorous and engaging content.


I research this stuff for myself. Then I simplify it and write it out, consolidate it into easy points, attempt to be funny (Maddi thinks I’m funny…) and then draw pictures.

Average to Optimized



Since the arrival of my daughter I have been compelled to improve my life, for a better lifestyle and to set a better example for my little Maddi. At the time I am writing this she is 6 months old and I have been reading and learning concepts to improve my life since learning of her conception.

There has been a ton of information pass through my head and ear (I listen to audiobooks at work with one headphone in) and I realized that I needed a personal resource to write it all down and keep track of what I was learning. After I began the process of writing it down and organizing it I realized that this life improvement stuff could be a cool website idea that could help guide other people through all this cool stuff.

The Content


Associated with the type-A personality, this section is all about self-optimization.

I research and summarize different self-improvement concepts, add some spice and then draw pictures.

I do this so that people, like yourself, have an entertaining and interesting way to learn about all these cool concepts.

The principles in this section will take you on your way to:

Utilize your potential

Control yourself and your conditions

Increase your effectiveness in life


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3 Things


Gain insights into the best books.

I usually get through a book a week. After I finish a book I take all my notes and make a video book review.

In each 3 Things, I do a:

– Summary
– 3 Things I Learned
– Rating

I always have a transcription for those who would rather read the review rather than listen to or watch me.

I also always include affiliate links to the book I review for you to check it out if you want to.

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The Loot Chutes

First Chute

Second Chute

Third Chute

Using what I have learned and am learning, I’ve put together a personalized system of “chutes” to take you down through to your own optimum process of financial freedom.

-The chutes you pick are based on your preference, therefore, it’s a personalized system.

-It’s all about ROI (return on investment), and not wasting time, so you can spend as much time as possible enjoying your financial freedom.

-It rhymes.

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   The Loot Chutes

The Crew


Picture Drawer

Baby Maddi

Maddi is my little baby daughter.

After graduating from 9 month university, Maddi made leaps and bounds living in the real world.

Once I saw her ability to draw, I knew I had to have her on the team.

I asked her if she was interested and she said no. But I’m her dad so I disguised it as some sort of team building lesson and made her join the team.

Little Maddi draws all the pictures.




Doug is my dog.

Doug grew up on the lonely streets of Brooklyn. Faced with unbeatable odds of survival, Doug turned to what no other dog had turned to before– Poetry.

He made a living inspiring other dogs to not give up and made enough money to make his way here.

He likes poetry, metaphor and all other kinds of allegory and word art. He likes to give his take at the end of most posts.


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