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Ricky was born in a small town. A town with a population just over 1,000.

LawyerHe grew up in a middle class family as the oldest of three with a father who was a barrister and a mother who was a flight-attendant.

Ricky went to an all-boys boarding school until he was 13.

He did poorly in school growing up, suffering from dyslexia and also feeling too restricted by school. Ricky performed so poorly in school that he almost failed out.

After boarding school, Ricky went on to go to independent school (also known as private school).

He continued to do poorly and after three years was expelled from school for misbehaving and was told by the headmaster that he would probably end up in prison.

After his expulsion, Ricky wrote a suicide note exclaiming that he “couldn’t cope.”

After the note was discovered, Ricky was forgiven and allowed back at school — but only a little while later Ricky dropped out anyway.


So it wasn’t a good start — but Richard Branson went on to do great things.

At this point in his life he has been knighted by the queen, he is a business mogul who owns the Virgin Group with over 200 companies including, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Media and Virgin Atlantic. He has a net worth reported at over $5 billion. And he is known as one of the most adventurous business men, having broken world records in hot air balloon flight.Hot Air Balloon

Who is he?


Richard Branson wasn’t a particularly special kid. He grew up in a small town, not a big city. He didn’t have overly successful parents — and he didn’t even do well in school.

Who is he to succeed?

Who do you have to be to succeed?

This is a case study shows that it doesn’t take a big city or an intrinsic special know-how to be successful.

This shows that you don’t have to “deserve” success because of your background, or how you grew up. This is a true story about a person who grew up just like any other person, maybe even worse, who still at the end of the day managed to be a massive achiever.Ricky Super Star

Beyond his childhood struggles there was his mom, a support for him that played a big part in his risk-tolerant personality. But after that, you can’t claim much else on his side.


Who are you?


So you may not have that support or you have no money or you don’t have the education…

But your foundation for success doesn’t come from your lifestyle or whether you “deserve it.”

There is always a successful person who has come from where you are now. They made a choice — they decided to live large and with a purpose. They decided to look for ways to get it done and stop entertaining the excuses.

Entertaining Excuses

Who is Richard Branson to come up, do poorly in school, have dyslexia and be expelled, and not have any sort of gifted childhood but still end up being featured in Forbes as one of the wealthiest people in Britain.


And who are you?









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