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Walter rounded the corner after tossing the final rolled up newspaper, The Kansas City Times, toward the last house on his list.

The sun was breaking the horizon and the sky was just beginning to light up. It wouldn’t be long until school started.

After his school day finished, Walter would round the streets again passing out The Kansas City Star newspaper. 


Day after day Walter’s morning would start at 4:30. He would deliver The Times, go to school and then make the rounds for The Star.

It was exhausting. He would often fall asleep in class and his grades were starting to show it. But what could he do? His father had bought the paper route and had chosen he and his brother to run the deliveries.

So each day went on as such, year after year, but all the while, Walter was courting a passion.

Walter had a unique interest in art and drawing. It had started when a local, retired doctor asked him to draw a picture of his horse and had paid him for it.

So Walter cultivated his passion in his spare time, replicating cartoons anytime he saw them. He started working with watercolors and crayons.

To further develop his skill and passion for art, Walter enrolled at the Kansas City Art Institute and started taking Saturday classes, still going to school and working the paper routes — but kindling and fanning his passion for drawing.


Years later, Walt Disney went on to transform the entertainment industry, pioneering animation and becoming one of most recognized names in the world along with his best-known character, Mickey Mouse.


Who is He?


Walt Disney didn’t have a particularly inspiring start. He lived his childhood on a 40 acre farm in a town of about 2,000 people and then moved to Kansas City at the age of 10.

He didn’t grow up with a mentor, pushing him and challenging him to become an artist, he didn’t grow up in a rich neighborhood, being afforded every opportunity and aid money could buy and he wasn’t surrounded by achievement, being pushed to succeed by his peers. What he did have, was a passion.

He was a paperboy who didn’t do well in school. The only thing that was on his side was his passion. Regardless of his circumstance or his situation, Walt Disney never gave up on his passion, even after his first successes started rolling in.


Who Are You?


mickey-mouseSo how can you emulate Walt Disney? The person who started from such a humble beginning and finished to be one of the first of the cryogenically preserved, in hopes to revive him at some point in the future to continue his creative legacy.

Whatever his lifestyle was or wherever his beginnings were, Walt had a passion and he didn’t give up on it.

He strove to improve and he was always growing, experimenting and emulating the greats. His passion removed the periphery of his life and brought him to a place of creation and joy.

Emulating Disney is as simple as cultivating your own passion. Whatever you enjoy doing, do it. Research it. Deliberately challenge yourself with it. Strive to improve by growing, experimenting and emulating the greats.

Follow in his footsteps by casting your doubts to the wind, regardless of your disadvantages and contrary to starting far after the gun went off.

Who is Walter to grow up on a farm in a town of only 2,000 people, move to Kansas City to work two paper routes and get bad grades from falling asleep in school due to exhaustion, but end up as one of the most recognized names in the world of art, animation and joy?

And who are you?






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