The Tools I Use to Keep My Mind and Average Optimized Afloat




I was never much of a reader. I knew reading was paramount to knowledge and success but I still could never get myself to actually sit down and read a book– I mean with video games being the alternative I still don’t know how people can choose to read instead.

I still almost never physically read but I’ve actually been able to consume all kinds of books in topics and area’s I’m interested in because of audiobooks.

Audiobooks were a great invention for me and they have totally kept me from being an utter failure– I hope. I love listening to books and I do it just about everywhere. I listen to them in a box. I listen to them with a fox. I listen to them in a house. I listen to them with a mouse. I listen to them here and there. I listen to them anywhere!

So if you were planning on ever trying out audio books, I suggest Audible. You can get a free trial below if you click on the link.

free trial:

  • Includes a free audiobook
  • Choose from 180,000+ best sellers, new releases, sci-fi, romances, mysteries, classics, and more.
  • After 30 days, get 1 book each month, $14.95/month
  • Cancel easily anytime. Your books are yours to keep, even if you cancel.

You may be thinking, “yeah I’ll do the free trial but then I’m done. 15 bucks a month is too much.”

Well maybe but hold on, let me show you how I use this to my advantage.

You pay $15 every month. You get a credit every month. You can use a credit to purchase ANY book.

Only buy expensive books with your credits.

I use credits to buy the expensive books like Warren Buffet’s Snowball or anything provided by Nightingale-Conant. So essentially I buy $30 and $40 books for $15.

Audible is a little gamified too and has these cool accolades and levels.

If you would like to know what books I have been listening to check out my 3 Things category where I review the books I listen to.

Audible Free Trial [Digital Membership]

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Podcast Addict

Podcasts are my way of spending time with extremely smart, cool people. As you have probably heard, you are the conglomerate of the top 5 people you spend your time with, so listening to successful people’s podcasts is my way of spending time with people I want to emulate.

I’m an Android phone guy and right now I use Podcast Addict to stream or download all of my podcasts.

I’m currently experimenting with other podcast players though because I want to make sure I’m recommending the best thing. I really like all the options with podcast addict but who knows, maybe there’s something better out there and if I find it, I will replace this recommendation.

Here are the podcasts I currently listen to. I listen to them for half of my shift (I listen to books for the other half), which means I usually listen to about 4 hours of podcasts 5 days a week (on 1.5x speed). So I can manage to subscribe to quite a few podcasts:

I put my favorite ones in orange.

This list changes occasionally so I’ll try to keep it updated.



I use these headphones for all my audiobooks and podcasts.

I like these headphones for a few reasons:

-never tangle because of the thick cable.

-have a little speaker on them so I can make and take calls while I have them in.

-have a little pause button I can use to pause when someone talks to me.

-come with a clip that I use to clip them to my shirt in a way so that the pause button stays in the same place.

After my many trials and months of experimentation with headphones and headphone adaptors I have found that these are the best, for me. If you decide you want to try them out, click the link I have of them at the top of this section. If you click that link and buy them I will get a commission so thank you in advance if you do 🙂


Previously used accessories:

I use the Griffin headphone control adapter. I couldn’t link directly to it but it’s the first result on the page I did link.

I’d say about 80% of my listening time is while I’m at work. That means I have people try to talk to me while I am listening. For the first few months I would pull my phone out of my pocket and manually pause it.

Then I upgraded to headphones with a pause button on them and cut my pause time in half. I still fumbled a bit while trying to find the pause though.

Now I’ve totally economized my pausing ability. The Griffin adapter just hooks to my pocket so I am able to instantly know where the pause is. I can also fast forward, rewind and skip chapters back and forth.

Headphone Control Adapter

^I receive a commission if you click this link^


I hope you enjoy using these tools!