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Live smarter by outsourcing household errands and skilled tasks to trusted people in your community.

Get all your chores done today: TaskRabbit helps you get more done in less time, so you can focus on the things you really love.


An economist’s dream come true — pricing all of the things that you don’t want to do, and then paying others to do them. If you can make money doing something that you like and then pay others to do the maintenance for you that you don’t like, then there is no reason that you should ever have to do something that you don’t want to do.

In every perfect world scenario, there will always be a TaskRabbit.


carrotDo you live in a metro city and are you tired of your daily grind?

Would you like to make your own hours and choose the jobs that you want to do?

Do you like carrots and are you adept at reproducing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then becoming a TaskRabbit might be up your alley. Work when you want, charge what you want and do the tasks that you want.

Some people working full-time are making $6,000-7,000 a month: link.

While others, can choose to work part-time and make the money they need to live, without living to work.


The Elements:

  • The Process
  • Cons
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Recap
  • Final Words


The Process


TaskRabbit is a sort-of errand runners service – but also a moving and packing service – and also an odd-job’s service. Anything from getting someone to take your groceries up a few flights to your apartment, to getting someone to stack all the chairs in the auditorium after your conference. Get someone to go buy you a pair of headphones or give them a whole shopping list.

I guess it’s kind of like getting rabbits to do tasks for you.

And paying them.

Throughout this scenario, you are the rabbit. So see if this kind of stuff fits well with you.



The available hours are between 8am and 8pm and are broken up into 3 slots of 8am-12pm, 12-pm-4pm and 4pm-8pm. But you are not necessarily limited to those hours and can schedule for past or before them, or even through what they call an, “offline hiring.” link

So these will be the hours when you can sign on and begin accepting tasks. People can even request you if you they like you and you are online. If you’re not online they can still try to request you but you are not obligated or expected to accept their task.



The kind of tasks vary, as you probably have guessed.

Answer emails, mow the lawn, fold the clothes, or assemble furniture. Just about anything.

The categories of tasks offered are as follows:

  • Delivery
  • Cleaning
  • Event Planning
  • Event Staffing
  • Personal Assistant
  • Entertainment
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Minor Home Repairs
  • Moving Help
  • Organizationhammer
  • Accounting
  • Arts / Crafts
  • Automotive
  • Carpentry & Construction
  • Computer Help
  • Cooking / Baking
  • Data Entry
  • Decoration
  • Deep Clean
  • Electrician
  • Errands
  • Graphic Design
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • Marketing
  • Mounting
  • Office Administration
  • Packing & Shipping
  • Painting
  • Pet Sitting
  • Photography
  • Plumbinglawnmower
  • Research
  • Selling Online
  • Sewing
  • Shopping
  • Usability Testing
  • Videography
  • Web Design & Development
  • Wait In Line
  • Window Cleaning
  • Writing & Editing
  • Yard Work & Removal

So you can have ample opportunities to shine as a Tasker.


Getting Paid

moneyA task that is posted will have either an hourly or flat rate amount to be paid for it’s completion.

Or you can have your hourly or flat rate posted to your profile and be selected for certain jobs.

Either way, that is typically how the pricing will be decided, by both parties agreeing on the price before the task even begins.

Sometimes, like when going shopping for someone, you will need to spend your own money on things, though you will be reimbursed — obviously.

After finishing a job you will create an invoice. You will write out the hours worked (they suggest to confirm this with the client first) and any expenses that were agreed upon. Include pictures of receipts. link


The client will pay and you will receive. TaskRabbit is a cashless platform. All payment is handled online and through bank accounts and credit cards. To receive your payments and your reimbursements, you will get a direct deposit. Usually taking 24 hours to finalize and 2-3 business days to see the deposit.




There’s also a leveling system and can level up and unlock things and bonuses by doing more jobs and accepting jobs quickly and things like that. So that’s fun.




There are some cons to this platform though. It’s not perfect.

The biggest and most whopping con is:


You must live in a metro area.

TaskRabbit is not available if you live in a small city like where I live (Lynchburg, VA).

I will list some alternatives but let me complain a bit first.

Just like Uber has expanded to become more than just a big city service, I hope that TaskRabbit will do so too. This new housekeeping and maintenance “hack” is a must — on both sides of the coin.

For the aspiring artist who needs a more open schedule, who needs to work when they can and write or art during the other times. For the essentialist who just wants to get by who choses to do a few jobs every time their wallet gets light. And for the 20 year employee who is sick of the same old same old and is ready to work on her/his own schedule without having to invest too much. Being a tasker is a great solution for these people.

And for the person who love what they do for a living – but is sick of doing laundry. Sick of mowing the lawn. And sick of going grocery shopping. For the manager who doesn’t want to hire overpaid temps for random jobs that children could do like, stapling papers and cleaning up the office. And for the incapable person who needs occasional help around the house but isn’t looking for charity. Hiring on TaskRabbit is a solution for these people.

So hurry up and get here TaskRabbit.


As I said above, there are some alternatives for us smaller-city-folk, though not quite as convenient or lucrative.

Errand running and housekeeping, babysitting and tutoring, elder care. Not as many options here, and usually cheaper services. But you still make your own hours and choose jobs with acceptable pay and/or set your own hourly pay.

  • Craigslist

Post that you’re an errand runner/tasker or such and set your price.

  • Start a Business

Go all the way. Hang up fliers, advertise and write-off expenses. More of an investment with much less leeway.


Or just wait for TaskRabbit or something similar to make it’s way here, still searching for alternatives that suit a better lifestyle for yourself.


Another con that you may run into is:


You’re an independent contractor.

No benefits. You are your own employer. People complained about this with Uber too. If something bad happens you may find out that TaskRabbit doesn’t have your back.


Tips and Tricks


But, assuming that you are in a metro area and you can see that the benefits outweigh the cons, you want to know how to get the most out of your TaskRabbit-ing right out of the gun.

Starting with:



That’s right. Task stacking.

Take on multiple tasks at once.3-times-the-payment

Obviously this won’t work if you are being paid hourly and doing other tasks at the same time is taking away from your work. But at flat rates (and sometimes hourly rates) and with certain tasks, you can combine them together to optimize your travel time, distance and work-power and maybe even get paid two or three times for the same kind of job.

An example might be that you go grocery shopping for three different people. Go to the store, separate your cart into three spaces and make the purchases from the three different lists. Deliver to each of the people as separate groceries with separate receipts and voila! Paid three times for the same job.

This can work for mailing packages too, and all kinds of other things.

Find ways to stack tasks and optimize your tasking.



If you want people reaching out to you to do their tasks, you will want to have a great profile.

Check out my post here I wrote about freelancing for an in-depth look at how to hook up a great profile for yourself.

But the quick version is:

  • Have a professional and smiling picture
  • Get good ratings by being honest and likeable
  • Write a compelling ‘about’ by writing about what you can do for them and how well you do jobs, but not being too full of yourself.




exhaustedAnother day at work…

You’ve been working five years at the same place, 9-5, salary, all that jazz.

One day you snap.

Where are you going with this? Up the ladder? For what? More money and more work?

You’ve always wanted to be an author, not a cold-calling staple salesperson.

For the next two weeks you reluctantly go to work, feeling defeated, cold-calling peeps for more rejection, with no alternatives in sight.

One day, you come across TaskRabbit and your eyes widen…


A week later, you are in charge of your schedule. When you’ve got enough money, you practice your writing — and when you don’t, you take on jobs.

You use task stacking and you have an amazingly enticing profile.

Your financial and artistic world is completely under your control now and the stress of rejection serves a purpose as publisher after publisher turn you down.

One day, while on a job breaking down boxes, your phone beeps with a notification. You open it to see an email from a publisher. Your book will be published, hooray!

You’re a published author now and the rewarding and free lifestyle you’ve achieved has come to be thanks to TaskRabbit!


Final Words


This sharing economy, AirBnb, Uber, TaskRabbit, is really opening up some amazing options for people.

This is a new world and it’s a better world. Enjoy the sharing economy while it’s here — until automation and robots start to butt in. Work when you want without penalty for not working. Make money when you want money. I love it.

The idea/information economy is where we are headed and the sharing economy can be used as a crutch to get you in the doors. It’s harder, when you work on a schedule, to be available to the idea economy. It’s much easier when you can participate in the idea/information economy at will and only make money when you need it.

From Seth Godin to Kevin Kelly to James Altucher, the information economy is what the smart people are talking about!

I hope that you really consider this option because I think it has some really sweet potential!





  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10K9hUSxrds
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