After three days of scrubbing the same dish, it finally sank in-

I’m going to be a dad… I can’t be a dad! I need to be wise! I need good habits! I need to set a good example!…

The next day I sat down at the computer and began my self-improvement quest. After three minutes of crowded paragraphs and small font, I leaned back, pinched my nose, and exhaled. This is the worst.

Then, the scenes started playing in my mind- my baby… tattoos, fights, swearing, drinking, smoking, jail time-

I took a deep breath. I blinked. I focused on the screen again and I got back to it.

Alright! I’ll read the books, listen to the podcasts and study the articles. I’ll take the long and drab and I’ll take the empty and sensationalized and I’ll make it understandable and enjoyable. And then, not only will I improve myself- but I’ll post the content and help others too.

Thus became Average Optimized- the way to understand and, more importantly, enjoy becoming a better person.