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Is it really to help feed Maddi?

Maddi hungry 1.png


Amanda Shoes.png

Is it to buy Amanda new shoes?


but no.

Is it to buy a pool?

Luke Pool Better.png


that's enticing...

I already have a job, as you probably read on the about page, so I don't need the money. 


I don't get paid for Average Optimized and I don't like to use ads either. 

Average Optimized is entirely fan-funded.

All the donation money I receive I put right back into Average Optimized.​​

I'd like to:

-Buy a new camera

- Get some soundproof panels

- Have the donations pay for the books I buy 

-Eventually take Saturdays off to have more time for content creation

-Then maybe buy Amanda some shoes

If you like Average Optimized, consider donating!

Thank you so much if you decide to donate :)

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