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The Ultimate Goals Advice | 3 Years of Self-Improvement (part 2) | LUSTHDAOAHC 2

Luke's Unscripted Show that He Does as Often as He Can


Best of Three Years of Self-Improvement (part 2)

The Ultimate Goals Advice

Using the advice from 12 different books!

Where Each Section Starts:

  • Tactics 1:17

In this section we discuss how to get goal clarity using simplification, specificity, and writing, then the best way to break the goals down into executable, measureable daily portions, and finally realigning according to your measurements to keep you effective.

  • Psychology 9:21

In this section we discuss how to step back from your goals in order to assign a personality to your set of goals and to identify with that personality - then continue to convince yourself you are this type of person by persisting - and finally the two psychology pitfalls to avoid.

  • Recap 16:40

  • Housekeeping 18:24

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