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The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene - 3 Big Ideas

Transcription Below


This book made me feel anger, disappointment and utter disbelief.

Quick Intro

The title of this book is a play on words. The author Robert Greene wrote the 48 Laws of Power, which is a book in my queue that we will get to, and he wrote this book with 50 Cent so- The 50th Law.

It is advertised on Amazon as follows:

"In The 50th Law, hip hop and pop culture icon 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) joins forces with Robert Greene, bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power,to write a “bible” for success in life and work based on a single principle: fear nothing. With stories from 50 Cent's life on the streets and in the boardroom as he rose to fame after the release of his album Get Rich or Die Tryin’, as well as examples of others who have overcome adversity through understanding and practicing the 50th Law, this deeply inspirational book is perfect for entrepreneurs as well as anyone interested in the extraordinary life of Curtis Jackson."

But apart from the fact that I supremely disliked this book because I think it sends a terrible message and is connected to a role model to some of these kids- I did get three things that we can use out of this book.

So... What are 3 things we can use from this book?

3 Things You Can Use

1. Train to Be an Entrepreneur at Work

The workplace is a great secure place to practice entrepreneurship.

Take on projects and develop a uniqueness in your style.Network and practice your business social skills.If you are in a position to manage a team, own it and learn how to motivate and orient your team towards a goal they can all stand for.Take note of and study the systems in place around you that keep the business afloat.Notice the 'Do's' and 'Don'ts' of your managers and leaders to help you design your own style.

These are all skills that come in handy when you are an entrepreneur so take advantage of the business that you are working in that has already gone through the trials of entrepreneurship and actually come out on the other end.

2. Not Caring What People Think Paradoxically Makes You More Like-able

We are designed to care about what other people think. We used to live in small tribes and if everybody hated us- we were toast.

Now-a-days this caring about what others think turns into people pleasing and, in the context of business, people pleasing makes it harder to focus on your own priorities.

So, thought experiment:

You stop caring about what people think of you and you prioritize accordingly.

You start letting people down that could count on you before and you seem like a total jerk.


No. When you tell someone that you can't do something for them because you have other priorities, you get respect.

Don't be a jerk about it- just say something like, "I'm sorry I can't work on that now I have another assignment that I'm working on" then maybe make a suggestion of who could do it or a way that maybe they could do it.

Not everybody prioritizes this way and because you do you will get respect and those around you will think, now that's someone who's got it all figured out.

3. Lead by Example With Actions Over Words

Have you every had the gym teacher that was clearly out of shape?

Did you ever take that teacher seriously?

On the other hand, do you remember the all-american on your team that was always in the front in running drills, and would go back and help the last few through after finishing?

The gym teacher would talk and talk about health and running and healthy eating and blah blah blah... Come on...

The all-american would speak occasionally, but you would follow that all-american anywhere.

Be that all-american. That person inspired those around them with their actions. Be the one who is willing to do the same work that you assign to others- and work along-side your team as often as you can.

A Few Words:

I went into this book very interested in to hear a new perspective and then I got to, "everyone around you is a ruthless hustler and a conniving manipulator"- and I frowned. "Okay, let me just stay open-minded and see where this guy is going with this..."

But no. It only gets worse. This book tells you it's okay to deceive others because they are probably deceiving you.

The main premise of this book is fearlessness but every concept he goes over is fear-based and selfish.

Getting ahead by putting others down is a terrible way to pursue success.

This book was awful. I hope no-one used any of that bad advice. There is much more fulfillment and value in helping yourself and those around you. The world only looks like it is out to get you when you live with that paradigm.

The last few chapters were good chapters that focused on making yourself better instead of trying to put down others and I did like them but overall I don't like the strategy this book takes.

Do yourself a favor and read a good book about success that shows you how to pursue success in a healthy and fulfilling way.

Want to Read it?

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