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I love having the opportunity to work on videos and the website!


But - I work a full-time job!


Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I'm a cook and I love cooking. 


It's just not possible to manage the YouTube channel and the website and the emails and the info-graphics and the projects - and all the things I want to do for you for Average Optimized - and work full-time!

There is too much to juggle to give Average Optimized the time it takes to give you consistency...


That's where you come in! :D


With your support, I can justify putting more time into Average Optimized, at the expense of other things.


If I can get to $1,000 dollars a month even, I can take a shift off from work.


The shift off from work would not just be a few hours added... Considering I'm a dad, a fiancee, a full-time worker, and a content creator - that time saved would be tremendous!


If you like the show, consider showing us some support and help us realize Average Optimized as a dream we've had for a LONG TIME that can finally come true!

2016 AO Support Page (compressed).png
2020 AO Support Page (compressed).png

Thanks for your Support!

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